Why Work At Pfaff

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At Pfaff Automotive Partners, we’re united by a passion for cars, and we’re as crazy about them as you are. We love driving the cars we sell, and we love the people that own and drive them. It’s all part of our ambition to be the best, most high-performance dealer group in Canada.

Our continuous growth has created tremendous employment opportunities, as well as room for our current employees to grow within our organization. In addition to a fast-paced, exciting environment that rewards the entrepreneurial spirit, we offer excellent pay plans, benefits packages for full-time employees, professional training and development, and advancement opportunities throughout our dealer group.

We invite anyone interested in a career with Pfaff to reach out to careers@pfaffauto.com

<< Sales

Whether you’re an experienced salesperson with deep automotive experience, or entirely new to automotive, a career path in sales at Pfaff is exciting, fast-paced, and financially rewarding. The diversity of our brand portfolio offers opportunities at every level, and multiple advancement paths within the group. Our company culture is also second-to-none.

Pfaff’s Future Retail Model >>

In order to keep pace with changing customer expectations, we have been evolving our sales process, culminating in the a group-wide roll-out of a new sales process that is faster, easier, and more transparent than ever. Customers get our best price first, pay no fees, and enjoy a negotiation-free experience. For salespeople, it’s a great new way to sell cars, – and with the training, education, tools and resources provided by Pfaff Automotive Partners, your potential is limitless.

<< Service

Our passion for cars doesn’t end with the sale. We maintain them, we customize them, we recondition them, and we even repair them after an accident. We’ve serviced over a million vehicles at Pfaff, and we pride ourselves on the best-quality products and the best customer service in the industry.

Parts >>

We believe that our parts team needs to be as reliable as the parts they sell. Our parts experts learn the ins and outs of each model and year to provide an exceptional experience for customers, as well as providing exceptional support to the service team and technicians.

<< Technicians

We’ve serviced over a million vehicles at Pfaff. In our shops you’ll find the best techs, the best equipment, the best benefits, and the best opportunity to grow in your trade – all while working on some of the most exciting and exclusive vehicles around.

Detailers >>

Whether it’s preparing a new or pre-owned vehicle for sale or delivery, or rejuvenating a customer’s cherished ride, detailers play an important part in ensuring Pfaff’s cars are the best, and best-presented on the road.

Our detailers have access to the best products and work in the best conditions. Pfaff also treats the health and safety of our detailers very seriously.

<< Management

We strongly believe in growth from within. This means that most of our management team has come through the ranks from every department – whether that be sales, service, or parts – and knows the business inside-out. Our culture and beliefs are embedded in this group of leaders.

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Pfaff is a two-time winner of the Canadian AutoWorld Dealership Employer of Choice awards (CAWEOC). The national survey rated Pfaff as a leader in 10 areas of influence: compensation and benefits, rewards and recognition, management/employee relations, training and development, career advancement, employee engagement, environment and facilities, leadership, reputation and personal enjoyment.
Support Inspire Motivate
Women of Pfaff is a group with one goal in mind: to motivate, support and inspire one another. We want women to feel connected to others within this traditionally male-dominated industry, to recruit more women to Pfaff and, of course, encourage women to rise up to management positions within the organization. We are having so much fun with this group and are always looking for new ways to engage everyone and get them excited to be working at Pfaff where we nurture female development and relationship building.