Motorsport Tools


Pfaff Motorsports' Chassis Sliders let you move your racecar around the paddock and your garage like the pros! Compact and designed to engage your cars air-jack cylinders, Pfaff Motorsports' Chassis Sliders allow your vehicle to be maneuvered in tight areas without the need for cumbersome vehicle steering input or multi-point turns. Unlike competitive systems which support the vehicle from the wheels and tires, Pfaff Motorsports' Chassis Sliders support the chassis directly, unloading the suspension and allowing for service while not infringing on your work space.

Currently available for Porsche 991 GT3 Cup cars and the Porsche 991 GT3R.


Now your pit-stall can look just as good as your race car with Pfaff Motorsports' carbon fiber pit-stall lighting gantry. Constructed from carbon fiber tubing with aircraft grade aluminum bracketry, Pfaff Motorsports' carbon fiber pit-stall lighting gantry system is incredibly light weight and easy to install. With 4 LED lighting fixtures, running and servicing your car at night will be a foregone issue.

  • Designed to meet IMSA regulations.
  • Main Boom Length = 4 meters
    (as shown)
  • Light Fixtures Protrude 1.3 meters from main boom (as shown)
  • Customization available.
  • Fuel-Rig mounting solution not included.

Nothing is worse than that lonely walk back to the paddock after having run out of fuel on the final lap. Never be 'that guy' again, with Pfaff Motorsports' digital fuel-rig weighing system. We've developed a kit which integrates into your motorsport fuel-rig to measure the weight of the fuel contained in your hopper, taking the guess-work out of your pit-stops and strategy calls. With our system, you can now calculate (by weight) the amount of fuel transferred into your car during a pit stop, adding a layer of redundancy atop your various measurement methods.