Automotive Research & Development

Core compentencies

Decades of involvement in motorsports has bred creativity, technical know-how, and engineering talent at Pfaff. Customers in the automotive field – from retail dealerships and the aftermarket, to vehicle manufacturers – can access Pfaff Motorsports' R&D capabilities to realize new products and technologies. From tools that make tasks simpler and more reliable, to complex, multi-faceted structures & materials that enhance the performance of road and race vehicles, Pfaff is equipped to resolve a wide variety of technical problems and customer needs.

Engineering & manufacturing of complex mechanisms and assemblies

Pfaff Motorsports is able to create complex mechanisms and tools to increase efficiency within your business, and increase functionality of individual components.


  • Porsche 991.1 GT3 R bearing removal tool
  • Floor-leveling jack system
  • C-Tek refueling rig weighing system
  • Porsche 991.2 GT3 R differential tool set


Design and development of lightweight composite automotive systems

Pfaff Motorsports is able to design, develop, and repair lightweight composite solutions for all types of vehicles.


  • Lightweight composite body panels, and associated mounting systems
  • Porsche 911 GT3 R fender, underfloor, mirror, and headlight bezel lightweight systems
  • Repair of multi-material structures including aluminum- and carbon-fibre-intensive technologies


Engineering, design, and manufacture of vehicle parts and associated technologies

Have a problem? Let us solve it. We are dedicated to the highest level of product development, and can assist with the transition into production.


  • AN fittings for brake system
  • Porsche GT3 R brake pressure sensor adapter
  • Porsche GT3 R wheel socket – ½” drive
  • COVID safety screens for dealership shuttles
  • Quick-disconnect Staubli wing nut


Engineering, design, and manufacture of body hardware

Design, fabrication, and adaption of vehicle subsystems. Safety-certified solutions for today’s vehicles.


  • Collision avoidance camera system – cooling duct
  • Porsche GT3 R front fender alignment pin
  • Porsche brake rotor temperature sensor brackets
  • Porsche strain gauge bulkhead
  • McLaren pedal extension kit (accessibility system)


Engineering, design, and manufacture of suspension systems

Pfaff Motorsports complements manufacturer development, and assists our customers in maximizing the performance of their vehicles.


  • Suspension arm bulkhead
  • Anti roll bar wrench
  • Ride height & alignment shim development