2018 Pfaff Dragon’s Den

Pitch your ideas to make Pfaff better and win up to $5,000

The third annual Pfaff Dragon’s Den is returning this fall! Open to all Pfaff employees, individually or in teams, Dragon’s Den is your chance to present creative ideas to make Pfaff better. These can include:

• New products or services
• Process improvements
• Ideas for expense reduction
• And more!

Final presentations will be held this fall, with qualifying rounds in September. Fill out your information below by August 15 to register and participate.

Judging criteria.
Your entries will be judged on:

• Uniqueness
• innovation
• A market need for the product or service
• Clarity of presentation

Your presentation, 10 to 15 minutes in length, should clearly describe the product or service and its benefits for Pfaff, rather than the technical details of how it works. There should also be a clear description of how it creates financial value for the company. A Q&A session will follow your presentation.

The fine print.
During the qualifying rounds, prizes are awarded as follows:

• $1,000 per individual or team ranked 1st to 3rd
• $750 per individual or team ranked 4th to 6th
• $500 per individual or team ranked 7th and 8th
• $100 per individual or team ranked 9th or lower

Teams or individuals ranked from 1st to 6th will participate in the finals in October for a chance to win:

• Grand prize of $5,000
• 2nd prize of $3,000
• 3rd prize of $1,000

All cash prizes are paid via payroll and subject to statutory deductions.