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Volkswagen’s new GTI is more relevant than ever
Introduced in 1976, Volkswagen’s Golf GTI is (sigh…) about the same age as I am. A nameplate doesn’t stick around that long without a rock-solid formula, and the GTI’s formula is one of the best. Take an already exceptionally well-rounded hatchback; add some extra power, poise, and driving fun; add some red pinstriping; and you... Read more »
Reminder: You grew up dreaming of a 911 Turbo
Pfaff Motorsports General Manager Steve Bortolotti explains why the 911 Turbo S is the ultimate 992 – not the GT3. With photos by Lucas Scarfone. Being “the racing guy at Pfaff” has always come with a subconscious pressure to consider the 911 GT3 the best Porsche road car in their lineup. Afterall, we’ve raced a... Read more »
Review: Mini Cooper S Electric
Of all the gasoline cars on the market that seemed natural to go electric, the Mini Cooper has to be at the top of the list. Small, zippy, and so at home in urban environments, a typical Mini has a short “radius” from home base, its life composed of short cut-and-thrust trips for which electric... Read more »