Carbon is among the materials used in auto-making whose importance is only going to increase going forward. In the form of interior or as add-on parts, pure carbon, part carbon, or a carbon fiber wrap for a car – this dark material exudes classiness and sportiness at the same time. Engineers are just as enthusiastic about carbon, as it guarantees high strength and rigidity with a low specific weight. It does require a laborious process for its production, however. So it’s beautiful and valuable – and that makes carbon the black gold of high-tech materials.

Here are some quick facts about BMW M Performance Carbon Fiber Parts:

  • Carbon is lightweight and rigid.
  • Aluminum, one of the most important light metals, can weigh 20 to 30% more than a corresponding element made of carbon, a rate that can increase to 50% in the case of steel.
  • Carbon offers a unique and sporty look.
  • Carbon is manufactured largely by hand, it can take a whole day to produce a single component.
  • Carbon fiber car parts are able to absorb large amounts of impact energy which helps increase vehicle safety.
  • Carbon Fiber allows the ability to produce parts in almost any desired shape.
  • The carbon fibers themselves are extremely thin – they often measure just a tenth of the width of a human hair.

There is no other material besides carbon fiber that can be used in such a weight-saving manner while at the same time offering these mechanical properties. Contact Pfaff Auto Parts or a Pfaff BMW Dealer to learn more about our Carbon Fiber products!