Day of Wellness

It is quite an unfamiliar site for the automotive business on a Sunday...A completely packed showroom! 

The difference here is no one was shopping for a car today.

Sunday November 4th, Sarah Hindle General Manager of Pfaff Volkswagen hosted the first of what she hopes to be an annual, Day of Wellness

"We have been active in our community for many years by way of event sponsorship, but I felt we could give back in a more beneficial way."   States Hindle.  "This was an opportunity for us to come together with like minded people for a shared interest, heath and wellness all to benefit the Margaret Bahen Hospice".

The day featured a host of local vendors offering samples from raw food to vegan options to juices as guests entered.  From there, guest were treated to two sessions of yoga, led by Lisa from Modo Yoga a local studio.  Between the sessions, guest speakers in the field of wellness offered tips for a healthier way to manage yourself day to day.

"The day was a great success, and I believe everyone took something positive away from it" said Hindle. "I cant thank our local partners enough for their eagerness to participate, and at the end of the day we were able to raise $1300 for the Margaret Bahen Hospice, which makes me very happy"

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