Earlier this year, we began our ‘Women of Pfaff’ forum as we lay the groundwork for a strong future. Women of Pfaff is a group comprised of all the females that work at Pfaff Automotive Partners. We began hosting quarterly get togethers with one goal in mind: to motivate, support and inspire one another. We want women to feel connected to others within this traditionally male-dominated industry, to recruit more women to Pfaff and, of course, encourage women to rise up to management positions within the organization.

Our two events so far comprised of one focus group where all women were given the floor to outline challenges, issues that they face on daily basis and our second event brought in a female mentor, author and past executive to address those very concerns.

We are having so much fun with this group and are always looking for new ways to engage everyone and get them excited to be working at Pfaff where we nurture female development and relationship building. Stay tuned for more updates soon! Watch the video below for an event recap.