The expense of obtaining and operating a car or truck is a permanent way of life for most of us, but we don’t all choose the same method to deal with the costs. Some of us buy vehicles, some of us lease them, and there’s no standard answer to which choice is “best.” However, if you are wanting to lease a three quarter ton truck in Vancouver, you have come to the right place. At Pfaff Leasing, we can find you the truck that you are looking for. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, Pfaff Leasing has got you covered, and we can ship anywhere! Read on for more information about leasing a three quarter ton truck.

As truckmakers offer more premium trim packages and more exclusive features, new-truck customers are discovering that it’s easier to find a lease option that’s right for them. The full-size pickup truck segment is typically not a hotbed for lease deals (that’s usually the territory of luxury cars) because traditional truck buyers have been skeptical of nitpicky end-of-lease charges and kilometer restrictions.

After all, pickups are meant to be used as tools so why would you subject yourself to being penalized for using and abusing your pickup at the end of the lease? However, if you are in need of a three quarter ton truck in Vancouver for other reasons, leasing one may be a better option for you.

The origins of payload capacity
The terms half-ton and three-quarter-ton were originally designed to describe the measured capacity a truck was built to hold. Though their names may sound self-explanatory, these terms are actually not always accurate in describing exactly how much a truck is capable of holding. For example, in some cases a half-ton truck may be capable of holding three-quarter-tons of cargo. Likewise, a three-quarter-ton truck may be able to hold well over a full ton.

Classifications like these were designed primarily for safety reasons, and they make it easy to classify trucks which are very similar in all other aspects. If you’re considering buying a truck, it is important to understand the benefits that come with trucks of larger and smaller capacities.


An approximate naming system for trucks
Many trucks are now classified by these terms, and the numbers are applicable to multiple makes and models. For example, the half-ton pickup class has classic trucks like the Ford F-150 and Chevrolet and RAM 1500 series. The Ford F-250 and Chevrolet and RAM 2500 series are both in the three-quarter-ton class. Even though the numbers aren’t exact, they can still be used to easily remember what class a vehicle is in.


If you are wanting to lease a three quarter ton truck in Vancouver, then Pfaff Leasing is the place for you. We can find you the truck that you need, or even that you just want. We can even have the vehicle shipped in or shipped to wherever you are located! For more information about Pfaff Leasing and how you can lease a three quarter ton truck in Vancouver, please feel free to continue browsing through our website. Click here to find our contact information and to fill out our contact form.