I grew up downhill ski racing constantly having a need for speed. A born adrenaline junkie. During my speed training days, I would go onto the ski hill with my coaches before the hill opens to the public. I would tuck straight down the hill as my coaches would use a speedometer to see the max speeds we could reach. Needless to say, these were my favourite training days.

Arriving at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park on Thursday June 7th for the Audisport track day was exciting, as it was my first experience on a track. In the morning I went into the classroom to learn the basics with the other novice drivers. Meanwhile out of the side window of the room I could see the other group of experienced drivers that were already on the track. My attention span was immediately gone from the classroom as I just wanted to get onto the track. I had the same feeling as I once had going into my speed training days, excited to experience the speed.

As I got onto the track for the first time I realized how similar it was to ski racing. Using the pilons to guide drivers to turn in, the apex and exit point was just like going through gates in ski racing. Always looking a few gates ahead, I had the vision component down when looking ahead to the next few turns. The one thing I wasn’t expecting was that major hit of g-force. I am a relatively small human, therefore my body went flying around on every turn… I was immediately hooked. Big thank you to Jeffrey Heacock for putting up with my explicit language in the passenger seat while he tore the track up in the R8.

As I was driving home I got onto an onramp and found myself looking past the car ahead of me towards the end of the turn, just as I had learned at the track. I had to remind myself I was no longer on a track and I now have to go 100km/hr on a straight highway… which is absolutely painful after a track day. Needless to say my first track day was memorable and I look forward to my next one!

Written by Maddy Taylor, Marketing Coordinator