As old saying goes, the first auto race started when the second car was built..well over 100 years later cars are still being raced and the competitive spirit is as strong as ever. Over these many decades of racing, thousands of cars were raced. Some purpose built, some modified production models that showcase the durability of the product the manufacturers were putting on the road. Each year racing series rules may change, the products usually improve and so the previously competitive cars raced now become out of date and not as desirable to stay at the top level. 

Ever wonder what happens to cars like these? Some are stored and forgotten, some are in museums and on display due to their great achievements. But thanks to the vintage and historic racing, the largest growing segment of motorsport, we get to see cars of the past in wheel to wheel competition again. There are clubs around the world hosting events where owners, restorers and drivers of these racing classics can get these cars to the track again. The sounds and smells of classic race cars are resurrected for everyone to enjoy. In Canada we have VARAC, “Vintage Auto Racing Association of Canada”   This club holds events in Ontario and Quebec. For over 40 years they have supported Canadian Vintage and Historic racing.

H.J.Pfaff Audi’s Perry Mason competes in VARAC with an FIA spec 1981 Audi 80 Coupe GT. During the off season, as our pro teams from Pfaff Motorsports do, Perry goes over the car from end to end checking and servicing all the components of the vehicle. Pfaff Autoworks looks after any paint touch ups required to keep the car looking new. “This an extremely important part of the year” Perry explains, “Historic cars are difficult to find parts for so keeping it maintained and staying ahead during this time, allows us to search out what we need and make necessary repairs. This way we also ensure the car, truck, trailer and equipment is ready for that first race in May.” Not only is the car 37 years old but the tow vehicle is a classic 30 year old truck which still wins shows when there is time for that. “It’s fun to keep it all old school” Perry says, “Back in the day pickup trucks hauling the race car on an open trailer was the deal. Even Audi Sport Germany hauled on open units back then.” 


Perry has 25 race wins in his 30 plus year of competition, ranging from motocross to karting, stock cars and road racing. “It seems Historic Racing is as challenging and rewarding as any racing I’ve been involved with. It’s great to talk to the fans about Audi history, H.J. Pfaff’s Audi Newmarket location and what we offer in our group and how we can help them realize their Audi dream.” There are 5 weekends of racing scheduled for the H.J. Pfaff Historic Audi in 2018 all at CTMP (Canadian Tire Motorsport Park) starting in May. Stay tuned to the Pfaff Auto blog for updates!