The London City Chrysler rooftop is excited to take part in the first-ever Pfaff 8 Hours Of Passion Budget Track Car Challenge. Our team’s car of choice is the turbocharged Dodge Caliber SRT4. 


The Caliber’s small size and performance attributes, coupled with an eager team are bringing a lot of excitement to the vehicle build. While the factory horsepower of the SRT Caliber comes in at 285, with 265 pound-feet of torque, we’re confident that we can achieve a gain in overall power with a computer and intercooler upgrade.

Despite being a company known for large displacement engines, here at London City Chrysler our team is planning to produce results from our turbocharged 4 cylinder that rival many 8 cylinder options. The Caliber SRT has a sporty style that caught the eye of our team, with its uniquely aggressive front end and sporty hatch look.


With several test drives completed, the London City Chrysler team is inching closer to a product we can stand behind with confidence and represents our first step into the Pfaff 8 Hours of Passion.

Regardless of where the future take us with this build, the team atmosphere is clearly present from the boardroom to the shop floor when it comes to discussing our next steps for design and appearance of the Caliber, and we are very excited to compete on Challenge day.