This car came from the factory with a leather interior, 17 inch BBS wheels, and a 2L turbo motor.  As well, the car included upgraded lighting in the form of a Projector HID primary lighting system as well as a lower fog light kit.  This car was the upscale equivalent to the Jetta GLI trim level at the time.


We chose the car due to the fact that it has a great turbo motor that responds well to modification. We also chose it because the platform has competed in many grassroots programs and done exceptionally well. We improved the handling with Koni yellow struts and Eibach Prokit springs. The entire suspension was given a refresh with new bushings, links and arms. As well we used an Eibach sway bar kit to further tighten up the car through transitions.

The transmission has had a Southbend stage two clutch as well as a Quaife Differential installed. The engine itself has been tuned to stage 2 and had a cold air intake as well as a catted downpipe installed.  We coupled the downpipe with an OEM VW performance exhaust system. With the supporting modifications, the car now develops upwards of 300HP 

We love the car because it’s subtle but packs a punch. Watch out!