We as a team chose the Toyota Celica GTS as our race car for a few reasons, with our budget for the race car we did have a few options on a couple of Toyotas. There is the widely-known Toyota Supra, MR2, and Celica Alltrac turbo, just to name a few. We wanted something that was newer than the older Supra or MR2. The Celica is about 10 years newer than any other Toyota we could get which is great for getting parts and increased reliability for the 8-hour Challenge. We chose the GTS over the GT model because the GTS has the Higher Revving engine and also comes equipped with 4-wheel disc brakes for increased braking which is great for high endurance racing. Also, the GTS has a close gear ratio 6 speed transmission over the normal 5 speed on the GT.  


There have been many upgrades to our Track Car over the past few months since we have started this project. We have replaced the stock suspension with full racing BC coilovers to help with the cornering and improve overall handling of the Celica. Also, we have completely stripped the interior and door panels to reduce as much weight as possible to help with the power to weight ratio and also with handling of the car. To help compete in the 8-hour endurance race we have installed high performance cross drilled and vented front and rear rotors and brake pads. Stainless-steel braided lines were installed to help with the overheating of continuous braking and to prevent brake fade while driving.