Those of you commuting this week through the recent dumping of snow were no doubt reminded of one very important thing – we definitely live in Canada. And Canada is a country in which, try as you will to avoid the coldest season, you probably won’t succeed. So if we can’t beat the winter, what should we do? Well, join it of course. And what better way to accept our snowy fate than in the new A4. With the power of Audi quattro all-wheel drive and the best technology to make it through the worst kinds of weather, it can make our Canadian winters a little more bearable.


There is something to be said for a well-rounded athlete, one that can do everything well – and this is a great analogy for the Audi A4. Extremely capable in all types of weather, it will get you through the snow and slush with ease. No, it’s not the fastest sports sedan out there. And, in fact, it probably doesn’t have the razor-sharp focus that a few other European sedans might have, but this really isn’t the point of the A4 (although, we are certainly excited for the S4 to arrive).

The A4 is a well-rounded athlete that does it all well. It will transport you comfortably and quietly up those crowded Northern highways during cottage season. It will put a smile on your face as you rocket through the windy backroads amidst fall colours and falling leaves. It excels during our snowy winters with quattro all-wheel drive and some of the best LED headlights on the market. Bright and eager, the A4 plugs on through even the worst conditions.


The interior of the A4 is a nice place to spend a few hours as well. With supple leather and clever little touches (Alcantara lining around the seatbelt holders so the leather doesn’t wear!) it is clear that the engineers at Audi have spent ample time refining the materials and ergonomics to create basically the perfectly tailored interior. One that is certainly nicer than any other sedan at this price point. Quiet comfort is the name of the game inside the A4, with all controls easy to reach and a beautiful tactile feel on the various switches and knobs.

Speaking of the various switches and knobs – the technology in the A4 is sure to impress. The optional Audi virtual cockpit gives us a glimpse into the future and transforms the traditional analogue gauges into a completely new digital experience. The high-resolution 12.3-inch LCD screen presents the driver with everything they need to know in a clean and clear manner. Apple CarPlay creates a seamless connection between your mobile device and the vehicle, and safety options such Driver Assistance, adaptive cruise control (ACC) and traffic jam assist make a treacherous drive that much easier.


Another pleasant surprise is how composed the A4 feels. At highway speeds and while passing, it never seems to struggle as its turbo 4-cyl engine thrums along and propels the car more quickly than expected. Blind spot sensors on the insides of the mirrors help to identify traffic and the surrounding environment during your drive, and the compact engine ensures fantastic fuel economy even during more spirited driving. The steering wheel feels well-weighted, and the curvature that seems to fit your hands perfectly is a nice touch.


The Audi A4 is simply one of the most well-rounded sports sedans at its price point and leaves you feeling satisfied every time you lock the doors and tuck it away at the end of the day. Marathon sprinter it may not be, but all-weather warrior? Yes, indeed.