The results are in from the 2016 Canadian AutoWorld Dealership Employer of Choice awards (CAWEOC) and Pfaff Automotive Partners was one of five Canadian dealerships to be recognized! 

AutoWorld, together with Corporate Culture + Employer of Choice Recognition (CCEOC) reviewed survey entries from companies across the country and measured 10 areas of influence: compensation and benefits, rewards and recognition, management/employee relations, training and development, career advancement, employee engagement, environment and facilities, leadership, reputation and personal enjoyment.

Pfaff scored 86% on the Employee Commitment survey overall and higher than the industry benchmark in every category of the survey. Below are some of the comments that were submitted in response to – “What does our company do to make it an employer of choice?” …

Our company has passion, drive and everything a company needs to make their employees feel like a part of the family, not necessarily just a company” 

“Anything that you can dream of in a Company to work for Pfaff would be it. To list all the reasons behind why I know Pfaff is an employer of choice will take me forever”

Our company is constantly striving to be the best, both in employee relations and customer relations. Pfaff cares about employees happiness and well-being”

“Allows entrepreneurship whilst in a corporate environment” 

Pfaff Automotive would like to thank all it’s employees who contribute on a daily basis to making Pfaff such a collaborative and positive place to work.