Pfaff Porsche does Camp4 Canada

Every time February rolls around, we look forward to one of the most unique driving experiences of the year – the Porsche Camp4 experience in Esterel, Quebec. Camp4 is Porsche’s ode to the brilliant engineering that goes into all of their vehicles – the engineering that makes them so rewarding to drive during all four seasons.


For those of you who aren’t familiar, Camp4 is a full-day driving experience on the Mecaglisse track in Quebec. Porsche assembles a lineup of over forty 718 Cayman, Carrera S, and Carrera 4S models for clients and staff to enjoy in the snow. Mecaglisse is stunning to see in person – an icy wonderland composed of figure-8 tracks, slalom sections, and full-on lapping circuits complete with snowy banks and changes in elevation. It is basically a winter wonderland and the perfect playground for Porsche to show what it can do best, in the worst weather!


Camp4 starts with a pre-event dinner the night before. Guests gathered at the stunning Esterel Resort in Esterel, QC – a beautiful getaway situated on the side of the lake. Porsche provided a warm welcome with a nice gift bag containing a few goodies followed by a delicious 5-course dinner at the Esterel bistro.


Most participants packed it in early after dinner in order to get a good sleep for the day ahead. The morning kicked off bright and early with a driver training session which covered the fundamentals of driving on icy/snowy conditions – how to correct for understeer/oversteer, using the vehicle’s weight to your advantage, and the difference between RWD and AWD Porsche models.


Once arriving at Mecaglisse, it was straight to driving! We enjoyed a full day in the Carreras and Caymans and were cycled through various driving exercises. One of the best things about Camp4 is you get a non-stop driving experience. There are plenty of vehicles on site to drive and the instructors continually cycle you and your partner through the exercises while providing guidance on the radio, allowing you to hone your skills and gain experience with each pass through.


At the end of the day, they let us loose for the last hour on a full-lake circuit where all the various exercise tracks were combined. This was easily the most fun part of the day (maybe of the year!) and every single driver left with both a huge grin on their face and a newfound appreciation for just how capable these cars really are in the snow.


Here’s to another great year of Camp4!