Pagani’s “Raduno” events (“rally” in Italian) have become fixtures on the calendars of every supercar owner, famous for their incredible roads, unbelievable cars, and five-star accommodations and entertainment. The company recently held its third Raduno of the year in Japan; the first two took place in northern Italy and California.


The first Asian Raduno was, appropriately, dubbed the “Touge Run,” in honour of the Japanese performance car drivers famous for driving winding roads at high speed. Participants and owners arrived from around the world to participate in the rally, which featured an impressive gathering of Pagani Zondas, Huayras, and Huayra BCs. A couple of special “one off” vehicles were the highlights.


Starting from Tokyo, the group gathered at the famous Tatsumi turnpike meet where the Paganis literally stole the show. Some stunning Japanese tuned cars, along with German vehicles like BMW and Porsche were on site as we arrived at the event.

Before the rally began, the cars were blessed in a traditional Japanese fashion and it really set the tone for the week ahead of us, as traditional Japanese meals and experiences were featured throughout the rally. It was an incredible opportunity to drive through some of the country’s best driving roads and scenic routes – and experience a truly unique culture.


One of the routes was to Nikko, where we passed ski resorts along roads which compare to nothing we have in Canada, including and a stop for lunch at a traditional Japanese hillside restaurant. A spirited run back to the hotel in Tokyo that evening was also a highlight.

Throughout the rally, it was clear that car culture in Japan is on another level. Our group was introduced to the car that inspired the famous Japanese cartoon, Initial D – a Toyota “AE86” Corolla drift car. We also visited Hakone, and a semi-private road up the mountainside dubbed the “Japanese Nurburgring.” With light rainfall and a clear road, it certainly comes close, and the roads were some of the most exciting we’ve ever driven.


Fuji Speedway

We were also treated to a private track day at the famous Fuji Speedway – where a Zonda Revolution, as well as our Canadian customer’s Zonda R, took to the track for some thrilling laps on the circuit. To witness Zonda racers, street cars, the Huayra, as well as the Huayra BC on track, was a pretty moving experience, especially under the watchful eye of Horacio Pagani and his team.


The day ended with a great run up to the summit of Mount Fuji, where we could overlook the valley and take some incredible photos of the cars and group. We returned to Tokyo afterwards, where the group came together to celebrate Horacio Pagani’s birthday – and an epic party it was.


Needless to say, we are excited for the upcoming Radunos – and curious to see what the awesome Pagani team has in store for the next journey in 2017. A massive thank-you to everyone involved, and of course, a very happy birthday to Horacio, from us all at Pfaff Automotive Partners.