Our Million KM Toyota Corolla got a chance to stretch its legs again recently, as it made its way out to Montreal and Old Quebec City. Departing early on a Thursday morning (5 AM!) we did our best to skip Toronto traffic and set off on the 401 to begin the journey after quickly checking the tire pressures to make sure everything was in tip top shape for our trip. The Corolla currently has 60,000 km on it, all of which were put on this year, and has had winter tires and rims installed – so it was ready to go.

IMG_6669 IMG_6546

We drove straight to Montreal, stopping only at Brockville along the way for a quick fuel and coffee break. Upon arriving in Montreal, we headed right to the old section of the city – with beautiful views and the ability to drive right along the waterline, this Toyota was in its element. The Corolla attracted a fair bit of attention as onlookers wanted to know all about our 1,000,000km journey every time we parked the car at a new spot.


After two days in Montreal, it was off to Old Quebec City – about a 3 hour drive outside of Montreal. Luckily, we didn’t experience any snow yet on the trip. Although it was cold, the Corolla got us to our destination comfortably and safely, where we stayed in the old part of the city by Chateau Frontenac and enjoyed the stunning views.

IMG_6586 IMG_6660

The last day of the trip was one long 10 hour drive straight from Quebec City back to Ontario, which the Corolla did with ease. Fun fact: after covering almost 2,000 on this trip we only spent about $100 in fuel – fantastic value and further proof of Toyota’s reliability and fuel economy!


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