Sunday, November 6, 2016 Audi enthusiasts from the True North group gathered at Pfaff Audi to break biscotti and chat about cars at during their annual season-closer. This event allowed the True North group the chance to display their cars one last time before the winter season commences. 


Throughout the day, enthusiasts from a diverse range of brands, including many BMW buffs, stopped by to share in the common passion of unique automobiles. As day unfolded, attendees had the opportunity to witness for themselves a diverse and unique lineup of cars, while meeting fellow fanatics who share in the same passion of performance vehicles. 


Alongside the car meet was the Pfaff Audi showroom, which was open to attendees, giving everyone a chance to see what the Audi brand has to offer for 2017. In conjunction with the newer models, the dealership also displayed a variety of Audi S/RS certified preowned inventory.  

Now that the season has officially come to a close, the Pfaff team will be putting efforts into planning bigger meets and a possible track experience for the year to come. We look forward to seeing familiar faces and familiar cars this upcoming Spring.