Sunday, September 25, 2016. The Town of Richmond Hill hosted their 10th annual multicultural festival, known as “Tastes of the Hill.” This year, Pfaff automotive Group had the honour of attending the festival with a record breaking 10,000 other guests.


Throughout the day, attendees had the opportunity to experience a multitude of diverse cultures and were given a taste of the food, fashion, dances, and ultimately, the lifestyle practiced by members of the given cultures. Jully Black, a pop artist, and Echo Levi, a Jamaican musician, also attended the festival, which gave guests insight into the music of Jamaican culture. The event featured an around the world pavilion, a cultural showcase, demonstrations of various cultural practices, and history lessons.


Pfaff Automotive Group featured two of their brands, Porsche and Audi, with representatives from each enjoying the atmosphere of the event and building relationships with the community. Events of this nature have a tremendous impact on the community, mainly because they develop an appreciation for all cultures, from all cultures.


Pfaff Automotive Group’s daily operations are grounded in core values including learning new things, building relationships, and being respectful of others. “Tastes of the Hill” aligned with the values of our company as our representatives report having formed new and lasting relationships with members of the community, learned more about diversity in Canada and have built a strong appreciation for the cultural mosaic that exists in our multicultural nation.