After being hit by Zacharie Robichon in race one – and contact with a concrete wall – Chris Green’s #9 Castrol-Pfaff Motorsports 911 GT3 Cup needed significant repairs (you can read race one’s report here: Race 1 Report). The Pfaff Motorsports team, with assistance from Tony Ditto and Michael Clarke from competitors Alegra Motorsports, worked to replace the race car’s front clip and all of the hardware at the front of the car to get it ready for race two, less than a day later. These repairs – not something normally executed trackside – took all night, but by Sunday morning, Chris’ car, looking a little battle-scarred, was ready to go.

Starting third on the grid behind Scott Hargrove and Daniel Morad, Green got off to a great start, but when he was braking and downshifting up to turn 3 after the long back straight on Lakeshore Boulevard, the rear locked up, spinning him. Fortunately, he was able to avoid contact with the other racers, and got his car turned around again, but while going up the hill from turn 3 to turn 4, he had a hard time engaging the gears, and the drivetrain developed a rattling sound. He drove into the pits, and the team later diagnosed the problem as a damaged clutch.

This weekends’ races were the first and only DNFs in Green’s Canadian GT3 Cup history – a remarkable record, and testament to the durability of the Porsche race cars, Green’s driving, and the commitment of the team. “I was gutted, after the team worked all night to repair the car, to not deliver the result we were hoping for.”

Orey Fidani, driving the #13 Orlando Corporation 911 GT3 Cup, started the second race in seventh position and drove a strong, consistent race, and finished sixth overall, and sixth in the Platinum class. “While I obviously wasn’t in contention for the lead, it was great to get some more experience on this track, and the car felt amazing.”

Gerald Panneton, driving the #57 Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport, once again finished on the podium, second in class behind Andrew Danilyw. He drove his fastest lap at Indy, a 1:23.287, a nine-second improvement on his practice times. “With this narrow circuit, and with the leaders in much more powerful cars, I was never quite where I wanted to be. It’s been a tiring weekend, but I’m looking forward to racing in Trois-Rivieres, which is my hometown!”

The race’s overall winner was Scott Hargrove, followed by Daniel Morad, both in Platinum-class cars. Martin Harvey won the Gold class, just beating out Pfaff-sponsored Shaun McKaigue.

The next stop on the Porsche GT3 Cup calendar is the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres, August 12-14, 2016. The 1.52-mile circuit is one of the most popular on the Canadian circuit.