On the second day of their Monterey car week Pfaff travel experience, our guests enjoyed a relaxing day to themselves exploring the Monterey peninsula and all that it has to offer, something that was necessary given the intensity of the evening’s activities.

It kicked off at an exclusive estate high in the hills above Carmel Valley, where our partners at Pagani brought out three vehicles, a standard Huayra, the new Huayra BC, and a Huayra equipped with the new Tempesta upgrade package. Featuring a revised gearbox with much faster shift times and improved smoothness, larger 20? and 21? wheels, updated suspension, new front splitter and other aerodynamic changes, the Tempesta package further augments the performance of the already-stunning Huayra.

Guests enjoyed drives up and down the hills in both the Huayra with Tempesta package as well as the Huayra BC, with executives from Pagani North America and worldwide riding along to provide information and guidance.

While waiting for their turn behind the wheel, guests were treated to a superb culinary experience featuring caviar and superb salads and soups made from local ingredients. They were also able to enjoy a virtual reality experience with the new Pagani car configurator. A celebratory Dom Perignon capped off the event.

After that, it was off to another secluded but spectacular villa in the hills, where Singer Vehicle Design presented the largest single gathering of its Porsche 911 restorations.

In this stunning setting, guests were able to see the restored and upgraded 911s up close, hear from visionary designer and creative force Rob Dickinson. It was a fitting and relaxing end to an evening to remember.