The success of every organization is built not by its facilities, or its technology – but by its people. Nowhere is this more true than in the car business. In a world where you, our customers and fans, are doing more research online, and where you have more dealerships than ever to choose from, we believe the passion, dedication, and performance of all of our 600-plus employees is why you’ll choose Pfaff – and why you’ll choose to come back.

An increasing proliferation of products and services, changes in customer behaviour, and more competition than ever, have made automotive retail even more challenging and complex – but, having just passed the half-year point in 2016, we’re having our best year ever at Pfaff. Our portfolio of products has never been as strong or as diverse, and we’ve invested in our brand with more and better advertising, events, and an enhanced motorsport program.

Those strengths bring with them, however, an even higher level of expectation from our customers that we will consistently deliver an exceptional experience in the showroom, in our service departments, on the road, and at the racetrack. All of us have worked tirelessly to ensure your experience with Pfaff is the best it can be.

We’re certainly not perfect – and mistakes still happen – but this focus on delivering exceptional service resonated with our customers. Indeed, our McLaren Toronto and Porsche dealerships were not just number one in Canada last month, but the number-one dealerships in North America for their respective brands. The passion and drive that has brought this success is something we see throughout our organization, where we strive to be ever faster and better at what we do, to the showrooms and service areas at all of our dealerships.

There are many reasons that we feel our team at Pfaff is the best in the business, but personally, I feel it’s because we make sure to consistently connect with our customers and with the brands that we represent outside of the dealership, in the communities where we live, work, and share our enthusiasm for the vehicles we sell and service.

A couple of weeks ago, I skipped out of the office to join one of our Pfaff Track Days, spending the day with a group of delighted guests – and getting some time behind the wheel of some of our great cars on the track. It reminded me that the more passionate we are, the more passionate our customers will be about us.