On Wednesday, June 15th, Pfaff Automotive hosted Ultimate Mens Day, offering a truly awesome day of fast cars, great roads, track driving, and an evening of Golf.

The day began at the Granite Golf Club, a beautiful course that was welcomed by morning sun and the low rumble of our pick of the litter track cars. As the drivers got to their vehicles, they set out on a back country drive to Canadian Tire Motorsport park, where they were able to fully let loose in some of the hottest and fastest sports cars on the market. Once at the track, they were also met by professional racing driver Chris Green, and Pfaff Motorsports team manager Steve Bortolotti who were happy to provide hot laps in a McLaren 570S and Porsche Cayman GT4.

Once track festivities concluded, guests met back at the Granite Club for lunch, and 18 holes of Golf to round off the day.