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It’s amazing to think that we opened the doors of our first McLaren dealership just four years ago, in 2012. Back then, none of us really knew what to expect. We had an immense respect for the brand and for its racing heritage; we thought it was incredible that they were bringing true Formula One technology, including carbon-fibre construction and a seamless-shift gearbox, to market; and we really liked the people we were dealing with in Woking and the company’s North American headquarters in New York.

McLaren 12C Spa F.

Four years is a short amount of time in the car business, but it seems much longer with McLaren because of the incredible pace of change. The 12C coupe was followed by a spider, and the 650S – faster, better, more beautiful than ever – replaced it shortly after. The P1 rewrote the rulebook for hypercars, and showed the world that turbocharging and hybrid power could deliver incredible excitement as well as improved efficiency. Through it all, the brand has always stayed true to its engineering focus, and delivering form over function – it just happens that the form is beautiful as well.


Amazingly, that pace and growth is only accelerating, and 2016 is going to be McLaren’s best year yet. The stunning 570S coupe, which was announced last year and went on sale just before Christmas, is virtually sold out, despite the fact that it’s McLaren’s entry into a lower, much more competitive price class. The 570GT, announced just last week, is a stunning addition to the Sports Series lineup, with its glass roof, practical hatchback and luxurious interior; we think it will be just as popular.


True to its racing heritage, McLaren will be introducing a 570 Sprint race car as well, the perfect vehicle for drivers that want to spend a lot of time on track, but aren’t ready for the full-blown 650S Sprint or GT3 cars. We’ve recently partnered with McLaren GT to be its Canadian partner, so our support for the brand extends to the track as well as the road.

All of this new product and good news obviously requires more support from us. You’ve probably read about McLaren’s expansion into the Montreal market, where Pfaff will be supporting a new dealership in the Montreal area, due to open in the coming months. We’re also doubling the size of the McLaren Vancouver showroom in anticipation of the influx of new products and new business, and will be hosting a grand re-opening this fall.

McLaren 570S.

I’m actually writing this as I’m en route to our sixth international Pfaff track driving experience – this one at Palm Beach International Raceway, where over 20 drivers from both McLaren Toronto and Vancouver will experience the new 570S firsthand on the road, and on the racetrack. It should be an exciting couple of days, and you’ll read about it more here soon.

Exciting times at McLaren – and that means exciting times at Pfaff.