When we say Volkswagen Beetle one thing comes to mind; that original design from the 30’s, the punch buggy game, WWII, subaru engine swaps…ok maybe a few things come to mind. Fact is, the Beetle is one of those cars simply everyone knows about. To think that the Beetle model line has been around for almost 80 years and only gone through three significant updates is mind blowing.

The 1997 remodel of the original Beetle marked a very important time for Volkswagen, showing that they were committed to their history and keeping originality alive (much like the GTI, and hopefully Scirocco in years to come).

For their 3rd generation, Volkswagen released another very different, heavily updated version of the Beetle in 2011. Sharing the platform of the current (at the time) Jetta, the new Beetle boasted more aggressive lines, a longer, lower, and wider profile, and more cargo space than before, as well as a host of new modern tech to follow along with it’s competition.


What we have here is a 2016 Volkswagen Beetle Comfortline finished in a very appropriate Habanero Orange Metallic, a colour the looks simply stunning in the sunlight but also compliments the Beetle’s core personality.

This particular example comes equipped with Volkswagen’s 6 speed automatic transmission, which when mated to the 1.8Turbo TSI motor putting out 170hp becomes a true Sunday cruiser. At highway speeds, the Beetle settles into a low, quiet, and comfortable RPM preserving gas and helping you get further with confidence.

The interior of the Beetle carries through the unique and interesting look of the exterior with colour matched trim and modern touches throughout. Sitting behind the wheel, the sport like seats surprise you with a feel reminiscent of the GTI’s high bolsters. Comfort is front and centre, and beyond what you would expect in it’s segment. The cockpit is welcoming, warm, cozy…buttons and cluster are well lit, and easy to access.


This Beetle comes well prepared, and is equipped with Volkswagens Appearance Package and Technology Package, giving you every bit of modern tech and creature comforts you could ask for. The dual zone climate control gives you and your passenger absolute control, and blind spot monitoring with rear traffic alert keeps you confident and safe on the road, while the satellite navigation and voice control keep you focused.


Enjoy music? Are you one of those car junkies that buys their car and rips out the factory audio for bigger and better components? Well, rejoice! Because the days of breaking clips off trim pieces and mis-wiring your new audio deck are over…better audio comes with the click of a box on the build sheet and in the form of an 8-speaker Fender Premium Audio System, and take it from this reviewer, Fender provides all the pound and quality sound you could ever ask for! In addition to the upgraded Audio System, you can also enjoy satellite radio, Discover Media radio, and App-Connect including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and MirrorLink.


Simply put, the New New Beetle is not what you expect. Throw everything you know about the Beetle out the window, and get behind the latest and greatest VW has to offer. Remember that terribly long dash and borderline crazy A-pillar blindspot from the “New” Beetle; Gone. Remember that flower they all came with; Gone! Ok…some people will be upset about the flower, but the fact is, anyone can drive one of these newly shaped and formed Beetle’s and thoroughly enjoy the ride.

Volkswagen has outline their market clearly with this new Beetle, and we urge you to see one for yourself, and drive one for yourself. Every car enthusiast talks about that car you look back on as you walk away from it, the new Beetle will ignite that spark in your heart that allows you to fall in love with a car again.

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