Since its debut in 2009, the Panamera has been met with mixed reviews by Porsche purists and automotive enthusiasts alike for breaking Porsche’s mold of rear engine, two-door sports cars like the 911. The Panamera serves seemingly as a polar opposite of Porsche’s standard blueprint for a successful car, but Porsche was fixated on expanding their brand and appealing to a more diverse customer base (much like the Cayenne).

Porsche has forever taken the production of a new model incredibly seriously, the thought of building a car outside of their standard formula presents a serious dilemma: how do you make something that is not a 911, feel like a 911? And we are not quite sure how they have done it, but sit behind the wheel of a Panamera, and you feel at home; despite the weight, despite the look, despite that engine sitting out front, you get that classic and special Porsche feel. The Panamera Edition is no exception.


The Panamera Edition serves as a step above base, offering a laundry list of upgrades and special features for a fraction of the price. Available in the Panamera, or Panamera 4 (two or all wheel drive), equipped with the 3.6L V6 engine producing 300bhp, the Edition comes in just over the price of a base model Panamera. So what do you get for that extra money? A whole hell of a lot including: 585-watt 14-speaker Bose audio system, electronically controlled suspension dampers (PASM), speed-sensitive power steering, 14-way power seats, rear seat heaters, front seat cooling, adaptive headlamps, and a backup camera. The Edition also comes with 19” Turbo II style wheels, gloss-black window trim, “Edition” etched door sills, unique floor mats, and many more subtle touches.

For a price point just north of six figures, the Edition plays the part of your be all end all luxury sedan. Behind the wheel you have damn near ever feature and piece of technology imaginable, expensive leather trim, and comfortable yet sporty and firm seats a-la 911. The moment you buckle yourself in, and turn the key, it is very apparent you are in a Porsche. Every inch of the Panamera Edition screams Porsche style, luxury, and even performance with the Sport and suspension buttons right there on your center console, the shift paddles on the steering wheel begging you for attention.

Driving the Panamera Edition serves as a benchmark of comfort and class. With that Bose audio system turned off, noise in the cabin is nearly nonexistent. As you cruise along the highway, the transmission settles into a wonderful final drive in 7th gear, preserving gas and allowing for you to sit back and relax. The 19” wheels offer great styling but also a provide room for a comfortable tire, coupled with Porsche’s PASM suspension means bumps and uneven roads go nearly unnoticed. The steering is light, and the cabin is very well laid out, with every button or feature easily accessible and within reach.


Porsche’s main cluster navigation screen is also quite possibly the best “behind-the-scenes” feature offering a fully functional navigation display that is easy to see, navigate, and allows for the least amount of attention lost while travelling down the road.


So all this civility and you may ask, where is this 911 dna? Much like Porsche’s other offshoots from the norm, hit the Panamera’s Sport button, and set suspension to Sport Plus, and hang on for the ride! The Panamera has an unbelievable ability to hide its weight. Even in the standard cars equipped with that 3.6L V6, the true feel of a Porsche is right there at your finger tips.


The Porsche Panamera Edition serves as a true “do-it-all” car, we all think of that car we would have, if we could have just one, one that checks off every box on the list; is luxurious but fun, fast but comfortable. Porsche has proved again that they can make anyone happy, styling aside, this is easily among the best luxury touring vehicles on the planet. And God forbid you opt for the Turbo or Turbo S versions, to truly drive home the point.

Our suggestion? Drive one, please, do it for yourself, because you will love every minute of it.

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