Many know the Spa from previous events and media, but with McLaren focused heavily now on expanding their model line and appealing to a more vast group of sport and super car lovers, we wanted to re-shed some light on the car that started it all.

Just over 3 years ago, 12C’s started to land in Canada, as an all new andexciting supecar that the world had never seen before; new technology, advancements in handling and performance. McLaren made it known from the beginning that they meant business, and were here to play hard.

That begin said, the car was not perfect: the unique and seemingly beautiful “swipe to unlock” door design was a hit aesthetically, but at times was a source for confusion, and frustration. 2013 sought to address any major issues that customers and reviews brought forward with the 2012’s, updates for software, power (up to 616hp), and a new discrete button to pop the doors were implemented. We now found ourselves with a refined version on what was already an incredible car.

This is where we find ourselves with the Spa-F, a project brought forward by Pfaff Tuning and McLaren Toronto. We sought to create our own unique version of the car we love, one that can stand the test of time, one we can look back on in the years to come and still love just as much as McLaren’s newest creation.

McLaren Toronto first supplied the car;a 2013 McLaren 12C Coupe in the stunning Volcano Yellow, a color not seen often in Ontario, with only a couple around. The 12C was well equipped with Meridian Surround Sound and the IRIS satellite navigation upgrade, alcantara and leather interior, carbon ceramic brakes, and many more premium options. 

Pfaff Tuning partnered up with ADV.1, Vorsteiner, H&R springs, Pirelli, and RENNtech to create a truly unique package.

The Spa-F features custom built ADV6 Track Spec wheels finished in gloss gunmetal, with hidden hardware and custom yellow colour matched etching. The wheels are 19×8.5 front and 20×11 rear, 3 piece forged aluminum. The ADV.1’s were wrapped in super sticky Pirelli PZero Trofeo R tires. A McLaren Special Operations carbon front bumper was installed in place of the factory 12C bumper to add aggression, added air channeling, and a lower profile to the car. Pfaff Tuning continued the carbon trend through to the rear with Vorsteiner full carbon fibre side skirts, and rear carbon bumper and diffuser; what one could claim is the best looking rear bumper on a McLaren, ever. The Spa-F was lowered on a custom built, first in the world, H&R lowering spring exclusively available at Pfaff Tuning. RENNtech then came into play with their all new performance software with gains of up to 75hp, bringing the 12C to 691hp! Lastly, Pfaff Tuning designed and built their own, in house, custom exhaust system specifically for McLaren, to offer maximum sound and performance.

The Spa-F, as pictured below at a factory ride height setting, is a true showcase of what is available already for this car, and what is possible. This 2013 12C now has over 700hp at the tip of your right foot, and feels every bit as special as a thoroughbred race car, but with a tame street going alter-ego.

Interested in this car, wellit’s your lucky day! It is currently for sale right here: