Just because a Porsche vehicle you are considering elsewhere looks the same, doesn’t mean that it’s actually the same.

A Porsche Approved certified pre-owned vehicle from Pfaff Porsche has been inspected by one of our factory-trained technicians, who conduct a 100+ point mechanical and visual inspection, and recondition the vehicle only using original Porsche parts. Each vehicle must pass this rigorous inspection and reconditioning before it’s eligible for the Porsche Approved program.


A pre-owned Porsche from an independent dealer may look just as good, but it will have no warranty (or an aftermarket warranty that comes at a significant cost, and comes with many restrictions), and depending on its mileage and age, may soon need new tires, new brakes, and a service.


If something needs servicing or repair on a pre-owned Porsche, we do it before we certify the car. We’ll replace the tires so you have fresh rubber on the road; we’ll service ore replace the brakes for optimum stopping power, and we’ll perform the vehicle’s next service as well. And one of our Porsche Brand Ambassadors will provide a thorough explanation and demonstration of all of your Porsche’s features and controls.

All so your experience driving a pre-owned Porsche is as exceptional as the experience of driving a new Porsche.

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