The ten millionth BMW 3 Series Sedan has rolled off the production lines at BMW Group Plant Munich. This is huge, and just one major milestone in the 3 series 40 year history. The 10 millionth car was a 320D in Imperial Blue.


As the only facility to have produced all six generations of the BMW 3 Series, BMW Group Plant Munich is seen as the leader for all the other facilities producing the same model series. To meet the many requirements of the various generations, the plant had to rise to new challenges each time. The constant modernisation and enhancement of production systems means today’s customers have a multitude of model variants and equipment options to choose from and can tailor their cars almost entirely to their personal specifications.

BMW Group Plant Munich currently produces 1,000 cars a day, half of them BMW 3 Series. To meet strong demand, the model series is also manufactured at Plants Regensburg (Germany), Rosslyn (South Africa) and Tiexi (China).

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