Audi OLED Technology

Aside from looking incredible, OLED technology from Audi is already opening up exciting new possibilities. OLEDs are made up of organic materials and unlike traditional LED lights, they can light large areas homogeneously – which is awesome. It basically means that instead of having a row of individual LED lights, you can have one and light the whole surface seamlessly.

As part of the “OLED-3D” research project run by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Audi, in cooperation with Automotive Lighting, Philips, Merck and the University of Cologne, has produced a rear light with 3D OLEDs for the first time and fitted it into an Audi TT. The large, three-dimensional OLEDs in the rear lights are an excellent example of how OLEDs can be used for exterior vehicle lighting.

Audi is aiming to create an attractive and intelligent light design for the future. Lighting that changes as the driver moves, that accentuates the most important contours of the vehicle and provides subtle lighting in the interior for occupants getting into the vehicle – these are just a few of the possible scenarios.

Check out the video below…man is it cool.