Pagani Huayra.

Pagani Huayra.

Even though it’s hardly what you’d call a “volume” product for our group, all of us at Pfaff are immensely proud that we’re the Canadian distributor for the Pagani brand. The boutique Italian car company, founded by Horacio Pagani, introduced its first road car, the Zonda, in 1999, and has continued to win the hearts of supercar enthusiasts ever since. Its presence in high-profile video games such as the Gran Turismo series has meant it’s very well-known, even amongst those who don’t normally pay attention to cars.

It is difficult not to pay attention to a Pagani when you find yourself in one’s presence. Immediately striking from a distance, with a completely unique silhouette, the cars get even more outrageous as you start to look closer and closer. First you notice the all-carbonfibre construction. Then the incredible workmanship of the interior, with its bespoke switches, knobs, and dials. Then you begin to notice the details, which is when you really fall in love: leather straps used to tie down body panels; carbon-fibre compartments to hold the customized luggage; the incredible level of detail in every piece from the exhaust system to the side-view mirrors.

Pagani Zonda Revolucion.

There’s so much to see when you look at a Pagani – so rather than bore you with more words, we’d rather just show you some pictures. Of a blue Huayra, which will be visiting Canada later this year, named “Ella,” and an incredible Zonda Revolucion, one of the final and most extreme iterations of the Zonda, with an unmuffled, naturally-aspirated V12, racing suspension and tires, and a noise that has to be heard to be believed.