BMW GoPro mounts

Capture the finest moments of your drive with ease. These BMW GoPro mounts eliminate camera shake, making for razor-sharp images.

The interior BMW GoPro mount, in high quality plastic and with a BMW design, installs easily, connecting to your BMW’s head restraint. With its flexible 360-degree rotation, your GoPro will not miss a single picture. For vehicles with ConnectedDrive, the GoPro camera can even be operated using the Controller and the display. Alternatively, the camera can be operated exclusively through the GoPro smartphone app.

$245.00 + $27.00 for Travel & Comfort Base Carrier. Click here to request parts.



For even more exciting cinematography, there’s the M Performance Track Fix for GoPro cameras. This camera mount system ensures wobble-free, razor sharp film enjoyment, thanks to its high-quality aluminum core with plastic cladding, which can be easily mounted on the vehicle’s tow mount. With its flexible 360’ rotation your GoPro never misses a picture. It’s a must –have for all motorsport fans. In vehicles with Connected Drive you can adjust your GoPro camera over controller and display. Alternatively you can control the camera separately using GoPro smartphone App.


$165. Click here to request parts.