Calabogie qualifying.

Calabogie qualifying.

Chris Green will start tomorrow’s Porsche GT3 Canada race at Calabogie from the front row. He set a blistering 2:00.267 lap time in today’s qualifying session, enough for second place, just behind Scott Hargrove, who started late in the 30-minute session and logged a 1:59.752.

“Calabogie is unlike a lot of the tracks we race at,” says Green. “The length and the surface are unique. At 5.5 kilometres, it’s almost twice the length of Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, and the surface here is very abrasive – the drivers call it the cheese-grater. So, your fastest laps are generally your first laps, when your tires are fresh.”

Drivers in the series have to start the first race on the same set of tires used for qualifying, meaning that additional laps in qualifying can hurt their chances in the race.

“All that said, I feel the surface here is getting better with each session. Now that some Michelin rubber has been laid down on the ground, we’re going faster.”

Orey Fidani, who is racing in just his second weekend at Calabogie, will start the race in third in Gold class. He had an excellent qualifying session, knocking three whole seconds off his best time in the second practice. “Things definitely got better through the session, and I’m still learning a lot with every lap. I’m pretty excited about tomorrow’s race.”

Calabogie qualifying.

Tomorrow’s race, number five in the Canadian GT3 series, starts at 9:35 am tomorrow. Follow us live at and timing at