The BMW Head-Up Screen is a new and innovative product that displays various car and navigation information on a transparent screen, and can be retrofitted to virtually all BMW vehicles. Thanks to an integrated smartphone interface, in addition to vehicle information, it can display information from a number of smartphone apps, including Garmin’s matching navigation application.

Vehicle information displayed includes: fuel tank level, black ice warning, power and torque, cruise control, local speed limits, traffic jam warnings, and height above sea level. Vehicle information comes directly from the car via the CAN bus, ensuring accuracy. When the display is folded down, the display switches off automatically.

The package includes navigation information for Europe and North America, a wiring harness, adhesive pads, microfibre cleaning cloth, installation material, and operating instructions. The transparent OLED display measures 125 mm x 42 mm. Price is $1,050 + tax, and requires 2.5 hours of installation.

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