Sales, and connecting the right people with the right products and services, has always been Lee Hui’s forte, whether in the wireless business, in financial services, or in automobiles.

“I always wanted to be in sales,” says Lee, who sold the original Motorola StarTac flip-phones when he was in high school; he stayed in the mobile phone industry for several years, and then became a financial services advisor, selling mutual funds (he studied statistics and mathematics at Carleton University).

His entry into the automobile business came in 2001, when he joined the Subaru brand, first as a sales representative then as an assistant sales manager; he worked both at Subaru of Mississauga and Willowdale Subaru for six-and-a-half years.

In 2008, he joined BMW of Mississauga, when they were looking for a Chinese-speaking sales representative; he’s fluent in both Cantonese and Mandarin. For a long time, he was the dealership’s only Chinese-speaking rep, though the team has since been expanded under Pfaff’s ownership.

Outside of automobiles, Lee’s passion is flying, a hobby he took up relatively recently.

“I used to be afraid of heights,” he says. “But I’ve been working towards getting my private pilot’s license. It’s a hobby I really enjoy; when you’re up in the air, it really gives you a sense of perspective on life, and flying is a great challenge.”