The 2016 7 Series, which arrives at Pfaff BMW this fall, will be the most forward-looking luxury car on the market. In this movie, you’ll find previews of some of its most interesting new technologies. Many of them, just a few years ago, would have been the stuff of science fiction (or James Bond movies); today, they’re reality.

For example, BMW’s well-respected iDrive now comes with a touchscreen, as well as gesture controls that let you operate it simply by waving your hands in the air. A panorama glass “sky lounge” creates an unbelievably airy and open rear cabin space, only enhancing the available executive-class seating. A detachable 7-inch touch tablet lets rear-seat riders control infotainment and climate systems, and the BMW Display Key even allows you to drive the car via remote control into tight parking spaces.

The most impressive technology, though, is something you won’t even see: a carbon-fibre core that delivers significant weight savings despite the new 7’s extensive new features.