2008 R8 delivery

Like, it seems, a lot of people in the Pfaff organization, Tyler Gariepy started his career from the ground up. “I started with the company as a lot porter at Pfaff Porsche in August 2003, and did that full-time for a year before going to school,” he says.

Tyler studied business administration and automotive marketing at Georgian College, a program that became so well-known for turning out automotive-industry professionals that it was recently rebranded the Automotive Business School of Canada. After completing his education, he worked in parts and service at Pfaff Porsche before taking up sales at H.J. Pfaff Volkswagen. From there, Tyler, who grew up in Thornhill, progressed to his current role at H.J. Pfaff Audi.

“I like to see my role as a consultant rather than as a salesperson,” he says. “I enjoy working with the customers to determine their needs and find the vehicle that is the best fit for them, their situation, and their budget.”

He says that the job definitely keeps him on his toes, learning new things and meeting different people every day.

Tyler Audi 1

“It can sometimes be challenging. Not every deal goes 100% smoothly – it could be a lack of availability, or a car that I’ve sold may develop issues that need to be corrected after delivery. But that’s just part of the fun, and we pride ourselves on doing whatever it takes to make customers happy.”

A Volkswagen/Audi fan since as long as he can remember, Tyler is now on his third A4, a 2014 model that he’s lowered and on which he’s installed wheel spacers. “All of my cars have been lowered with wheel spacers,” he laughs. He’s previously owned a 2000 and 2001 A4, as well as a 2006 Volkswagen Jetta.

His enthusiasm for the cars he sells means Tyler fits right in at Pfaff.

“Right from the top, you get the character traits that define this organization,” he says. “There’s a family-like feel here, and everyone you meet, everyone you work with, loves cars and loves what they do.”