Volkswagen Corrado.

Passionate about cars, and about German engineering, since he was a kid, Elijah attended Carelton University in Ottawa, where he majored in Law, with a minor in Canadian Studies and Human Rights. While living there, he worked at a boutique called NRML that specialized in hard-to-find sneakers, before moving to Toronto.

It was a friend who worked at Pfaff Audi Vaughan that first introduced him to the company, and he saw an opportunity to jump into an industry aligned with one of his major passions.

“I have always been interested in German engineering,” he says, “and Volkswagens have always caught my eye, from cars like the classic bugs, to the Type A. But my personal favourite is the Corrado.”

There’s a Corrado, in fact, sitting just the other side of his desk right now, a car that you can imagine he’ll be sad to see leave the showroom when it finds a good home. Not surprisingly, Elijah has his own Corrado; when I ask him about it, all he says is, “it’s in pieces right now.”

Sneakers are another of his passions. “I’ve been into it since I was young,” he explains.

When he’s not working on his Corrado, Elijah enjoys developing his photography skills while exploring new places. “It gives me a chance to experience different places and capture them in the moment.”