Madison da Costa and Nina Edminson.

“I never considered working in the automotive business before I started working at Pfaff,” says Madison da Costa, service coordinator at Pfaff Audi Vaughan. We’re out for a ride in the dealership’s R8 V10 customer shuttle. “But now that I’ve been here for five months, this is an industry I definitely want to stay in.”

It’s a sentiment you hear from people a lot at Pfaff Audi Vaughan. Sitting alongside Madison is Nina Edminson. They’re just two of the coordinators that book service appointments, arrange for loaner or rental cars, and arrange transportation for customers. During the dealership’s busiest time of the year, spring tire change and service season, this team keeps the whole service department humming, and customers happy.

To say that it’s a major juggling act is an understatement, as customers’ schedules can be difficult and their expectations can be understandably high. The service team runs a fleet of loaner cars – which must be booked in advance – booked solid, as well as a fleet of up to 15 daily rentals, and a shuttle service. The idea is for the service appointment to be as small an interruption in a customer’s day as possible – and to turn it into a pleasurable experience instead of a painful one.

Nina worked in the food services industry before joining Pfaff. “What I appreciate about working here is the level of organization. While our department can sometimes get a bit chaotic, especially during the spring, we have a good process in place, and everybody here is motivated to do the right thing for the customer.”

The R8 customer shuttle – in service for a limited amount of time – is one example of the surprise and delight that Pfaff Audi’s service team strives to inject into every customer interaction. But staff having a chance to experience the car for themselves is an important motivator for employees as well. Says Madison: “getting a chance to experience the R8, you know the feeling that customers are after, and you know that when you’re putting them into one as a shuttle, that you’re going to make their day.”