Audi Junior Quattro.

Now that the weather’s finally improving, your kids are probably as excited as you are to get behind the wheel and onto the open road. Why not have them do it in the same Audi style as your full-size car?

Just in time, Audi has launched a trio of new children’s runabouts. The white Legends Kid’s Car ($478.75) is pedal-powered and features a black optics package that extends to its single-frame grille and R8-esque wheels. Its new-for-2015 paint job channels Audi’s historical racing livery.

For kids who prefer two wheels to four, the Mini Runner ($425) is beautifully finished in glossy white with red and black accents. Its convertible frame lets your kids ride it two different ways.

But our favourite is the Junior Quattro ($235). Not only does it look awesome, in Audi Sport livery, but its LED headlights are as functional as those on your own car.

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