We all do it. “Point A to point B – what’s the shortest distance? What is the quickest I can get there?”
But, what happens every time? You get stuck behind some slow guy doing 70 in and 80 zone – and you don’t have any fun.
At Pfaff Volkswagen, we want to get you here in the most enjoyable way possible, no matter which direction you are arriving from. Every Monday, we’ll show you another great route to get to our dealership.
Today, we ask how fun it can be to get from Highway 400 on the west end of the greater Toronto area to Pfaff Volkswagen.

 Driving instruction from Toronto via 400.

As enjoyable as Highway 400 is – it can feel like you’re stuck in time on any given afternoon or in the Indy 500 on a Sunday evening – we are going to stray away from the beaten path a bit, and enjoy the diverse countryside along Weston Road.
As you enter the countryside, you get a feeling of escape. The hills and gorgeous homes tower over you along a road lined with trees. You wind up at Lloydtown/Aurora Road through Kettleby Road, over some winding sections, and back to Lloydtown/Aurora Road. Along this section, you will discover some great horse country.
Driving up Dufferin to 19th Side Road is where the fun begins. Forget about the great views, the monster mansions and elaborate equestrian farms. The road twists and turns, goes up and down, and is surrounded by walking trails. Why not stop for a hike?! Soon after, the road turns into Mulock Drive and brings you right to Leslie Street and into Pfaff Volkswagen.

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