Carolyn Gillespie.

You can often hear Carolyn Gillespie approaching before you see her. The Pfaff sport exhaust fitted to her 2013 Boxster – along with her enthusiastic driving style – means she always makes an impressive entrance. The Boxster, her first Porsche, is fitted with H&R lowering springs, and she’s spent a lot of time on the racetrack honing her skills. This is not, you sense right away, your typical shy, retiring assistant sales manager.

“One of the advantages of working at Pfaff,” she says, “is that you get to experience all of the product. And there is no other car that drives or handles like a Porsche. I have friends that talk about how much power this car has, or how quick it is from zero to sixty. But none of those cars can cut a line around a corner the same way; horsepower isn’t everything, and when people drive a Porsche, they understand the product really speaks for itself. I’ve driven lot of cars, and there’s a big difference, there really is.”

Her enthusiasm for cars is equaled only by her enthusiasm for people. Her first job at Pfaff – while studying business management at Seneca College – was as a part-time receptionist and lot attendant at the company’s original Newmarket Porsche/Audi/Volkswagen dealership. Having impressed the team there, she moved into the accounting office, which was a great fit for her skills, but she soon missed working with customers. It’s what led the management team there to promote her to being the youngest business manager in the company at the time. “The best thing was, everyone was so supportive; despite my lack of experience, they made sure I didn’t sink.”

Not only didn’t she sink, she flourished, and in 2006, when Pfaff Audi Vaughan was being built, the Newmarket native worked out of a trailer on the construction site before being offered a position at Pfaff Porsche in July of the same year. In December 2011, she was promoted to assistant sales manager from business manager, the latter role one that she continues to do.

“I love our customers. They’re the best part of the job, and they’re the best customers in the world. They can sometimes be demanding, but dealing with the challenges that crop up during the year, managing everyone’s expectations, keeps me on my toes. And in general, things flow really smoothly.”

Having started at Pfaff while still in school, Carolyn has never worked at another company. Nor, it seems, does she want to. “I’ve always been treated well, I love what I do, I love our customers, and the product we sell is fantastic. There’s no reason to go anywhere else.”

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