It is a chilly Tuesday morning when I go to start up my 2011 Volkswagen GTI – and it’s one of those rough starts. Why does this happen when I only have 112,000 km on my car? It even happens on warm starts. This form of rough start can commonly be mistaken for a misfire or some other issue, but it could be something as simple as a dirty O2 sensors, injector, intake, or something else.

Thankfully Pfaff Volkswagen has a fix.

Carbon build up is no myth, especially in turbocharged engines. Whether it’s a diesel engine, or a turbocharged four-cylinder similar to what’s in the GTI. Why does carbon build-up happen? Put simply, air, explosions, gasoline and residue is a recipe for such build-up. It occurs in literally every vehicle.

So what do we do about it? 

Pfaff Volkswagen reached out to me, as I’ve brought up my rough idle before, and asked if I would try their TerraClean service. Basically, this is a full engine decarbonation. They put a fuel additive into the gas tank, and switch the fuel supply to the TerraClean system (seen in the image below). Within an hour, the service is complete, and an oil change is required.


The results from the TerraClean service are immediately noticeable – and continue to be evident even two months after the service. The engine does not rough start; instead, my VW settles almost immediately into a normal idle, purring and ready to be driven. In addition, I have noticed an increase in fuel efficiency; on average, I am running 1-2 L/100 km less.


The engine sounds healthier, fuel mileage is better, acceleration is improved, and performance feels restored – all through a simple decarbonation system which has no negative impacts on your engine. I even did a lot of research before this service, as I’m fairly paranoid. Reading reactions on the web from Audi drivers, Toyota drivers, and those of Lamborghinis and Ferraris, it seems that everyone’s that completed this service has noticed the same positive effects.

TerraClean is a highly recommended service when you are in for an oil change. It has low impact on your wallet with amazing return. You can reach Pfaff Volkswagen by Clicking Here, or calling them at  905.895.2366.

If you would like to learn more about TerraClean, Click Here.