Drop by H.J. Pfaff Audi in Newmarket and Paul Hewitt is likely to be one of the first people you see in the morning, and a constant presence around the dealership. A veteran of the Pfaff automotive group, Paul’s as engaged and as engaging a General Manager as you’re likely ever to find, and justifiably proud of the store’s status as one of Automotive News’ “best dealerships to work for.”

He’s proud of the fact that the dealership, which moved into the facility in November 2012, is one of the few in the Audi dealership network that has sufficient capacity (and more) to meet the needs of its customer base. “We have such a luxury with this facility, in that there’s still room to grow. So we’re able to do things for our customers – surprise and delight them – that other dealerships can’t do; we can go the extra mile.”

Indeed, the only time the dealership’s facility gets backed up is on Saturdays, where they offer free exterior car washes for their customers. “It’s at the point now where people come here and they see their friends and have a coffee; we’re truly part of the community.”

Community involvement is something near and dear to Paul’s heart. The dealership involves itself in events all throughout its region, including Newmarket, Aurora, Bradford, Orangeville, Georgina and Uxbridge. But it’s minor hockey that is truly Paul’s passion. Even though he just has one child in hockey himself, he coaches, saying, “if I’m not here at the dealership, I’m there, at the Magna Centre in Newmarket, involved with hockey.”

Instead of just sponsoring a specific team like most dealerships, H.J. Pfaff Audi actually sponsors an entire age group, the Pfaff Audi Tyke league, for minor development.

“Hockey is a huge part of our community,” Hewitt says. “I’m always amazed at the number of our customers we see there, and how many of our cars you see in the parking lot. There’s a good reason there’s so much Pfaff branding at the Magna Centre, in the change room, and with decals on the wall.”

When hockey season is off, Hewitt, and a number of other Pfaff executives, are major cycling addicts, participating in the annual Hero Ride in support of Bridgepoint Active Healthcare; the company also sponsors the Aurora Soccer Club and Redbirds Lacrosse, and donated $300,000 to Southlake hospital.