For many BMW fans, the cars designed by Paul Bracq in the 1970s and 1980s remain a high water mark in roundel history. Famous for its elegant and aggressive shark-nosed styling, the E24 6-series coupe, first introduced in 1976, is probably the best Bracq of them all, packed with luxury equipment and excellent performance for the time.

In 1983, BMW introduced the ultimate 6-series, the M6, which was powered by the same 3.4-litre inline-six that was fitted to the ultra-exotic M1 supercar. This successor to the 3.0 CSL was perhaps the ultimate high-speed BMW of its time, as well as a status symbol of performance and taste.

On top of the BMW Motorsport-developed engine, the M6 was visually modified with a deeper front air dam, a set of fat Michelin TRX radials and special alloy wheels. Under the skin were a lowered, stiffened suspension, a limited-slip rear differential, and an interior packed with rich nappa leather upholstery, special seats, and even a dedicated rear air conditioning unit.

The M6 was a very fast car for its time – indeed, thanks to a top speed limited to 255 km/h (when other BMWs were limited to 250), it was only outclassed by the de-restricted M1; a bone-stock M6 ran in the 1989 Carrera Panamericana Classic and apparently recorded a top speed of 283 km/h. Its 0–60 mph time of 6.0 seconds was very quick by contemporary standards; in 1987 Road and Track featured the U.S. M6 as one of the 10 fastest cars in America.

Looking from a 1988 M6 to a 2015 M6, it’s easy to trace the lineage in design – the aggressive nose, the sharply tailored flanks, and the elegant roof pillars, and the luxurious accommodations. A modern-day M6 obviously packs more power – with 560 hp from its twin-turbocharged V8 – and outright performance. But its combination of timeless design and supercar performance is the same winning formula that succeeded all those years ago.

Due to its limited production, exceptional drivability, and great looks, the eighties M6 has always been a desirable automobile, and values on the collector car market have risen over the last few years. A “time capsule” of a car, this particular M6 is one of the finest examples we have ever seen, and we’re thrilled to be delivering it to its new owner, who is a true BMW M enthusiast.