Every once and a while we love to feature new and exciting products from our partners.

This weeks feature comes from AWE Tuning, a company well known through Pfaff Tuning for their intake systems, and brilliant exhaust systems. AWE Tuning time and time again has proven that their product offers absolute quality, performance, and reliability.


This week we feature the Foiler Wind Diffuser for 991 Porsche’s.


For those with a 991 Porsche Carrera, Turbo, or GT3 the wind buffeting noise while driving with the drivers window down is nearly unbearable. Especially for those of us that enjoy the spirited country drive, or enjoy drive days with the windows down.


AWE Tuning has come up with the solution. These Foiler Wind Diffuser’s fit like OEM by simply clipping in. They combat the known buffeting issues and allow for “single window” down driving without buffeting. Built from lightweight carbon fiber in a matte finish, they also offer an incredible look and a perfect addition for your car at a very reasonable price!


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