Premier wheel maker ADV.1 have just developed their first ever Track Function, Competition Spec Series wheel!

What does this mean?

Well, typically the Track Function line up from ADV.1 falls in a lower price category then the rest of their configurations. The wheels still provide the same quality, materials, assembly and reliability as all of their wheels, but at a lower, “entry level” price point. Track Function wheels still allow you to go 3 piece, forged aluminum and in pretty much any finish your heart desires.

However, now ADV.1 have built in their Competition Spec Series into this competitively priced wheel package!

Ok…what does that mean?

Well, lets get ADV.1 themselves to answer that question,

“The CS upgrade configuration applies to select ADV.1 wheel styles as a vehicle load / GAWR (Gross Axle Weight Rating) specific, weight-optimized, FEA (finite element analysis) intensive engineering process.  This powerful technology allows us to engineer CS Series wheels specifically to your vehicle’s exact load rating and strength requirements as well as the intended use or driving style the wheels will primarily be used for.  The end result equates to the absolute lightest, strongest, best performing wheel possible, within your vehicle’s specific parameters. This is an exhaustive process that involves extensive computer-enhanced engineering in order to fully optimize the wheel to it’s maximum potential, minimum weight and highest strength.  All optimization parameters conform to German TUV Certification testing requirements, the worlds’ most demanding strength requirements primarily for Europes Autobahn highway safety regulations.  ADV.1 Wheels has become a rare, US based TUV Certified manufacturer, meaning our wheels, product quality, customer support, manufacturing process, facility & equipment, materials, etc. all meet or exceed the TUV’s standards.  The new CS Series is a direct result of our 3 year TUV Certification project which began in 2010 and has been officialized in late 2013.”

So get ADV.1 absolute best technology built into your lower priced wheel set? Yeah, that sounds awesome.

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Below is a gallery of the worlds first Track Function CS Series wheels built. In this case, a set of ADV5.0’s finished in Matte Black with a Polished Gloss Manbronze lip, 20×12 squared, exposed hardware and 3 piece forged.