It is no secret that the key to owning a great car is having a good foundation, a good starting point. Picking your new pre-owned vehicle can almost come down to a science with some dealers: tracking down history, ensuring the car is safe, and ready to roll. So it makes everything that much easier when a dealer can offer a safe, reliable pre-owned car with a guarantee. It makes things even easy if this car already has a bunch of tuning goodies to get you on your way in style!


McLaren Toronto has just conditioned this 2010 Audi S5 cabriolet that comes stacked with performance and visual enhancements to set you out from the rest, and ensure a unique driving experience.


This S5 has been fitted with Avant Garde M510 wheels, sized 20×10 front and rear. These new kicks also show off the big Stasis Alcon front brake system that provides better braking in any condition, including the occasional track day if you happen to like that sort of thing. The car is hunkered down lower to the ground with Stasis lowering springs, and finished off with a full Stasis exhaust system…all part of Stasis’ Touring Kit.


For more information on this car and the rest of McLaren Toronto’s pre-owned inventory: McLaren Toronto